How to Install Wall Tiles? A Beginner’s Guide

How to Install Wall Tiles?

Tiles are extremely popular amongst homeowners for wall decoration. Ceramic tiles, in particular, are quickly becoming the preferred choice of homeowners when it comes to interior wall decor. Their durability and resistance to moisture and stains has made ceramic wall tiles perfect for the bathroom and kitchen. Affordability and availability in bulk, depending on the design and type, is an added bonus.

Wall tile installation is much more difficult than installing floor tiles. However, that does not mean it can’t be done. Anyone can get started with the process as long as they keep the following steps in mind.

Amazing Tiles and Stones is an Australian owned and run company

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Amazing Tiles and Stones is an Australian owned and run company. We have fast become one of the major providers of all types of high quality tiles including porcelain, ceramic, mosaics, paving, and natural stone. Some of Australia’s leading building companies have sourced our products to complete some of the largest and most well-known projects such as Willow Park and Eureka Tower in Victoria.

Porcelain Tiles Vs. Ceramic Tiles: Which Is Best for Your Home Decor?

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Are you building your dream home? Which flooring should you opt for – ceramic or porcelain? Porcelain and ceramic are clay-based and kiln-fired tiles respectively. They are often used interchangeably and are like siblings. Despite their similarities, they have a significant number of differences too.

Both are visually pleasing and versatile as flooring materials and come in different colours and designs. You can choose from a varied selection to decorate the floors, walls, and backsplashes of your kitchen and bathroom. While they both have common advantages, it is important to gain a deeper insight so that you can decorate your house with the right material. Here are the things you need to know about porcelain and ceramic tiles.

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